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Listen to Episode 93 of ‘Pinstripe Pod’: What’s Next for Yankees After Disappointing 2021 Season?

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman stands on the field
Corey Sipkin

Another year of Yankees baseball, another underachieving season. In his four seasons managing the Yankees, Aaron Boone has one trip to the ALCS to show for it. The Yankees’ season ended Tuesday night in Boston as their $36-million-a-year ace could not even make it through the third inning. He gave up three runs and that was all the Red Sox needed to get past a lifeless Yankees lineup outside of Giancarlo Stanton. Where do the Yankees go from here? What do they do this offseason?

To answer those questions and recap a disappointing 2021 season, we bring you the season finale of the “Pinstripe Pod” with Jeff Nelson and Chris Shearn.

Pinstripe Pod Season Finale with Chris, Jeff & Jake:

  • COLE STUNK: You can’t be that bad in a playoff game. He laid an egg. A $324 million ace and he couldn’t get through the 3rd inning. Hamstring may have been an issue over the last few starts. He was all over the place with his fastball. If he’s not 100% in a do-or-die game then he shouldn’t be out there. The guys defend Phil Nevin, saying it was a 50-50 play and needed a perfect throw and relay home to get Aaron Judge at home. Joey Gallo on deck too, who has been struggling.
  • DISAPPOINTING SEASON: This season was a failure. One World Series in 21 years for a 27-time championship team is not going to cut it. They think doing well during the regular season is good enough. It is not.
  • BOONE/CASHMAN: Do the Yankees bring Aaron Boone back? Does Brian Cashman keep his job?
  • 2022 YANKEES: What free agents stay? Who goes? Who do they go after?



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