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HT This Day: Nov 1938 – Maker of modern Turkey dead


Istanbul- Kemal Ataturk is dead.

Earlier in the day it was officially stated that Kemal Ataturk was unconscious. A bulletin issued last night stated that the seriousness of his general condition had increased.

Kemal Ataturk’s adopted daughter and his sister were keeping constant watch in a near by room. There was grace concern among the entire Turkish people. Police patrols were strongly reinforced and precautionary measures taken.

The Prime Minister, Bay Celal Bayar, arrived at the Palace yesterday evening, following an all night journey from Ankara.

Kemal Ataturk had been very seriously ill nearly a fortnight back but he made a marvelous recovery and was considered to be out of danger. The illness, however, took a sudden turn for the worse two days back, and the end was not long in coming.

It is officially announced that Kemal Ataturk died at 07-05 (G.M.T.). Under the constitution, the President of the National Assembly, Abdul Halikrenda, automatically assumed interim Presidency until a new President is elected.

The National Assembly is meeting at -Ankara at 11 a.m. tomorrow in order to proceed immediately with the election. The most likely successor to the Presidency is General Ismet Ineunu, the 58-year-old ex-Premier, who has taken no part in public life since he resigned the Premiership last October. He collaborated closely with Kemal Ataturk for 13 years.

Kemal Ataturk or Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha, as he was known earlier, was born in 1878 in comparatively modest circumstances in Salonika. His father was a customs officer who afterwards entered the timber trade and died when Mustafa was yet a small child. The boy was brought up and educated by his mother, a women at character and ability. He completed his primary education in Salonika and entered a secondary school in the same place; but, having been maltreated by his Arabic teacher he left school, against his family’s wish and secretly entered the military preparatory school. There he proved to be an exceptional student, specially in mathematics.

HT This Day Nov 11 1938
HT This Day Nov 11 1938

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