Monday, November 29, 2021
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75 Gifts for Cyclists

Whether searching for gifts for cyclists in your life or looking to get yourself a gift this holiday season, this list is sure to have something for every cyclist.

If you know a cyclist who frequently leaves their bike in public spaces, or has had a history of stolen bikes, try the ‘Pealock,’ an app-alerting bicycle lock. The Pealock is rain and snow-resistant, can be used with bikes, scooters, or any other small transport device you would like to secure. When the Pealock is breached it will set off a 110-decibel alarm, making sure everybody in the area knows the bike is being stolen. Additionally, the Pealock mechanism will set off a trigger on the owner’s mobile phone that lets them know an attempted robbery is underway.

If you’re looking for upgrading a cyclists’ bike this holiday season, consider the ‘Acros,’ an off-road-ready gravel bike. This bicycle has an excellent shock-absorbing design and strong, 3D-printed steel connectors that provide the utmost safety in off-road situations. Additionally, for trails with less natural light, the Acros allows for added LED head and tail lights.

This list also includes bike storage solutions, camping options for cyclists, cyclist apparel, and many other gadgets that are sure to make a cyclist happy.

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