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Explained: Why Wordle game is in news and how to play it

The newest craze on social media is Wordle, a website-only game launched in October last year. While the users have been happy with Wordle, posting their daily scores on Twitter and other platforms, the game has been in the news for wrong reasons.

Several developers have created identical versions (or clones) to cash in on surging demand for the game, and unsuspecting users have been downloading these app versions, hence pushing the downloads up for clone apps.

But Apple cracked down on these attempts, removing these knockoffs of the original game from its App Store.

But what is the game all about? And how can we play it? Here’s everything you need to know about Wordle:

The game was created by former Reddit software engineer Josh Wardle, originally for his partner Palak Shah, as reported by NPR. The game can only be played on its official website and does not have a mobile app.

It’s a once-a-day online word game and gives a player six chances to guess the day’s secret word, which has five letters.

The aim is to figure out the secret word with the fewest guesses. If a player successfully guesses the word, he is prompted to post his/her score on social media along with the number of tries.

The gameplay

After guessing a five-letter word, the game tells you whether the letters chosen by you are correct or not. The tiles keep changing colours to shows letters which are not in the word (gray), those present in the word but in wrong position (yellow) and words with right position (green).

The word of the day is same for everyone and people can play it only once a day.

There is also a “hard mode” on the Wordle website where the game wants the player to use yellow or green letter in subsequent guesses.

What’s different in Wordle than other games?

Wordle is a free-to-use, ad-less experience on a simple website that does not have to be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Google’s PlayStore.

Wardle says that the game also doesn’t require sign ups with emails, or personal information, thereby making it safe. As soon as the official website opens, the game appears as a pop-up.

Meteoric rise

Wardle created the game for his partner, and played with her and family members for a few months. After seeing the positive response from his family, the developer released it on a website for the public.

From 90 users on November 1, Wordle has been played by 300,000 people in just over two months, according to New York Times.

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