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Windows Gaming Laptops Need to Chill

Bella Vista, AR, February 15, 2022 –(– A series of patents have been recently filed for a “smart laptop in cooler” designed specifically for the powerful processors used in Windows gaming laptops.

Features of the Smart Cooler include continuous digital readouts of CPU clock speed, CPU & GPU temperatures, and load monitoring. The Smart Cooler is powered by an internal battery for optimum cordless gaming endurance and up to 8 hours of cooling power. Initial comparisons with off-the-shelf laptop coolers, demonstrate gains in cooling capacity of more than 300-percent.

This product was the brainchild of Aaron Hill, president, and chief software designer at XSPEC Aviation, in Joplin Missouri. By day, Hill works with his father, William Hill, designing, and manufacturing FAA approved, aircraft flight training simulators. As a life-long computer gamer, Hill grew frustrated with the ineffectiveness of current offerings of laptop coolers, but after burning up his second high-end gaming machine, he decided to do something about it and soon had an operational prototype that solved the problem, by providing substantially better cooling capability than anything he could find on the internet. Then he contacted AON Invent for assessment of his product.

After several weeks of collaberitive refinement, patents were recently filed for Hill’s Bluetooth Smart Cooler for Windows Gaming Laptops.

AON Invent, LLC in an invention service company that collaborates with private inventors, in development and commercialization of innovative consumer products and technologies. The company launched in January 2013 as an outgrowth of “All Product Design, LLC” which had been designing and engineering consumer products for Walmart suppliers since 2010.

AON Invent and All Product Design are collocated in Bella Vista Arkansas, ten-minutes from Walmart’s world headquarters and amongst marketing offices of more than 1400 global brands that maintain offices in the area in support of the world’s largest retailer, (Walmart) with annual sales of more than $550B.

Larry Robertson, CEO of AON Invent said, “Ethics drives every decision we make as a company. While our industry in general, has somewhat of a reputation for predatory business practices, AON Invent has never received a complaint from an inventor-client or been the recipient of a litigious action of any kind. And we intend to keep it that way.”

For more information or to discuss licensing opportunities for the Bluetooth Smart Cooler, contact AON Invent at or call 479-855-6699.

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