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Diapr-Branded Merchandize

A new study recently found that one in three U.S. families who can’t afford diapers for their babies have turned to other wardrobe staples – like a T-shirt – as a last resort when they can’t afford diapers. In response to these findings, Huggies and Kristen Noel Crawley, mom of 3 and founder of KNC Beauty, are teaming up to #TakeBackTheTshirt with a limited-edition collection of statement T-shirts to raise awareness for National Diaper Awareness Week (September 24-October 2) of those struggling to provide diapers for their babies.

“A T-shirt should never be a diaper for your baby, yet the tragic reality is so many families in our country must turn to this household item as a last resort,” said Robert Raines, Vice President of Marketing for Huggies® in North America. “Many people don’t realize how prevalent diaper need is in our country, but through this partnership, we have the opportunity to drive awareness of this issue and encourage people to help support families in need so their babies and children can thrive.”

Consumers can help Huggies #TakeBackTheTshirt by buying a T-shirt at – this LTO collection is first-come, first-served, so shop fast! 100% of the T-shirt sales will be donated to the National Diaper Bank Network, as Huggies is the founding sponsor and has already donated +200 million diapers over the last decade.

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