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On exodus at airports, borders after Putin’s order, Kremlin says ‘exaggerated’

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin announcement on partial mobilisation of the country’s 2 million-strong military reserves amid Moscow’s Ukraine invasion, Kremlin responded to reports of protests in the country against Putin’s call-up.

On reports of detained anti-mobilisation protesters being given draft papers, Kremlin said that the move is not against any law, Reuters reported.

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Putin’s decision which he said was taken “to defend the motherland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity” has resulted in people attempting to flee Russia as the country’s eastern border with Finland saw an upsurge in traffic as well as Russians were reportedly scrambling for flights outside Russia.

Kremlin said dismissed reports of exodus on airports and land borders as exaggerated.

Putin’s announcement of partial mobilisation came at a time when Russian-controlled regions in eastern and southern Ukraine announced plans to hold referendums on whether they want to become parts of Russia but Moscow’s nearly seven month invasion of Ukraine is being seen as faltering.

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