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8 Lies Of P Tips That Will Help You Survive This Brutal New Soul Form

8 Lies Of P Tips That Will Help You Survive This Brutal New Soul Form

Lies of P It’s a difficult game. Everything can kill you, from the hardest bosses to the most predictable trash mobs, which is to be expected from a Soulslike game. Although there is no difficulty in performing he transmitted by blood-RPG inspired To make it easier, there are some tips you can take with you as you fight the humans and puppets waiting to kill you in this gothic reinvention of Pinocchio.

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Be aggressive

As transmitted by blood, Lies of P features a recovery mechanic where you can replenish a portion of your lost health by attacking the enemy that hurt you. But in addition to regaining lost health, staying on the offensive slowly increases your enemy’s stagger, and when their health flashes white, it leaves them open to a powerful attack that will put them in danger. a dazed state. Basically, they are stunned, at which point you can execute a fatal attack to cause massive damage. Therefore, the game rewards being aggressive if you want to stay alive and quickly defeat your enemies. Doubt and you will die. It’s as simple as that.

Keep your weapon sharp

Fighting humans and puppets in the nightmare city of Krat will eventually dull your weapons. Attack enough without addressing the plummet of your durability.ty and the sword you are using will break, so it is worth keeping the maximum edge of your weaponry. However, perfecting your sword With the Game Grinder you do more than simply ensure its optimal effectiveness; It can also give you a damage boost once you have leveled up the item’s abilities. Additionally, equipping the Grinder with an element like fire or poison will imbue your weapon with the same power, giving you an elemental advantage over violence in Krat. Take care of your weapons and they will take care of you.

Break your weapon in half

This may seem contradictory to the advice above, but they coexist. Lies of P allows you to combine weapons. By splitting them into two halves, blade and handle, you can mix and match equipment to create something that pairs well with your build. So let’s say you’re focusing on strength but, like the rapier, a dexterity based weapon. You could take the handle of the rapier, which actually dictates the attack pattern of the weaponry, and attach it to a blade that best suits your stats and boom, new weapon unlocked. Now, by sharpening your sword in combat and leveling it up in the main world of Hotel Krat, you’re taking care of a weapon that will likely see you through the rest of the game.

Level up your dodge quickly

Following the comments of the summer showco-developer Neowiz Games modified Lies of Pthe slow dodge mechanic. Well, it needs to be reworked even more. It’s still imprecise, non-functional and slow, that is, until you level it up. P has P-organs, artificial components that mimic the organs of a real human being and can be upgraded with Quartz, a resource found in certain chests or obtained by defeating bosses. Updating your P-organs will do things like increase the amount of healing items you have or allow you to carry more stat-boosting artifacts. You can also unlock dodge upgrades that allow you to chain together multiple evasive maneuvers and break out of a takedown animation. It’s silly that you have to improve dodging instead of starting with these skills from the beginning, especially since combat can be so tough and dodging is a safe tactic for a hit-and-run game. But trust me, you’ll want to improve that dodge. It will be easier if you do.

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Read item descriptions

This may not surprise souls veterans, but Lies of PItems have descriptions that detail much of the game’s story. When things went to shit, how violent the puppet massacre was, who lived here, and what you’ll find there, all detailed in notes on items you collect around Krat. However, certain Ergo, this game’s interpretation of FromSoftware’s soul resource, also contain descriptions that will tell you if a rare merchant will want it in exchange for a rarer item. It could be a legendary artifact, a piece of equipment that improves your stats, or a powerful weapon. Of course, you can consume that Ergo for a large amount, which will probably give you enough to level up at least once. But, if you’re willing to take the risk, you could get better equipment. Plus, defeating enemies gives you Ergo anyway. You can always make up for it.

Change your clothes often

Considering Lies of P takes place during the opulent era of France Bella Époque, you will absolutely see a variety of beautiful (and bloody) clothing dyed with steampunk accessories. It may be tempting to dress P in different outfits as you travel through the dark Krat. After all, she is a puppet. However, wearing an outfit in the game is about more than just looking stylish. Certain NPCs will interact with you differently depending on what you are wearing. Maybe they’ll attack you on sight or instead give you the option to work together, all depending on their relationship to the outfit you’re wearing, which you can read about in the item description. What is that quote? Is knowledge power?

Work on your perfect guard skills

So not only does dodging not feel as good, but to be completely honest, blocking and parrying aren’t particularly well executed here either. That said, while timing can be difficult, mastering the perfect guard will go a long way in Lies of P. By pressing the block button just before an attack comes, you will be able to perfectly parry your enemy’s attack. No, there is no satisfying animation to the style. Sekiro. (However, a loud “clang” is heard when the weapons collide.) And no, you won’t immediately leave them unprepared. However, perfectly shielding your enemy enough times will increase his stagger, making him more susceptible to Stun status and a Fatal Blow, and will break his weapon. You’ll probably die many times on your way to figuring out how best to perform the perfect guard, and that’s okay because mastering the move is worth it.

Summon, then upgrade, your best ghost friend

As in many FromSoft souls In games, you can summon an AI-controlled NPC right before boss fights, and I highly recommend doing so. There are some difficult battles in Lies of P, with multiple enemies at once or really scary enemies. It’s overwhelming. The specter you summon, a beautiful knight dressed in black armor with flowing, snow-white hair, can serve as a distraction when you summon them through Star Fragments, a very common resource found in easy chests, in mobs of garbage and in vendors’ stores. . This companion is already quite tough and can deal a lot of damage on its own. However, attaching the Mythic Wishstone Crystals you find to the Cube that functions as an additional healing item can give your wraith (and you) additional benefits. You can, for example, prevent his death once with the Indomitable Wishing Stone. Or you can temporarily increase his damage or restore his HP with Frenzy and Friendship Wishstones, respectively. Either way, tweaking the perks your wraith best friend has will do wonders for you.

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It’s difficult for a puppet. Thanks to the puppet frenzy that has caused puppets to go crazy, no one trusts a doll. It helps to be prepared, so these tips should make your stay in the horrible world of Krat a little less scary.



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