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Acceldata acquires Bewgle to offer customers more visibility into AI data pipelines

Acceldata acquires Bewgle to offer customers more visibility into AI data pipelines

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Data observability specialist Acceldata is preparing for the AI ​​era. Today, the California-based company announced that it has acquired Bewgle, an AI and NLP startup founded by former Google employees Shantanu Shah and Ganga Kumar.

While the company did not share the exact terms of the deal, it did note that the Bewgle team will join Acceldata and lead its efforts to deepen data observability for AI. It will also strengthen Acceldata’s product with artificial intelligence capabilities, allowing companies to take full advantage of it.

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The acquisition comes at a time when companies are betting on artificial intelligence solutions and working to put their data in order (covering aspects such as organization and reliability) to power LLM applications aimed at different use cases, such as data search and summary .

How exactly will Bewgle help Acceldata?

Founded in 2018, Acceldata provides end-to-end visibility into distributed data systems maintained by large companies such as Oracle, PubMatic, PhonePe, and Dun & Bradstreet. The platform leverages AI and machine learning (ML), offering insights into the data processing power, performance, and quality of a customer’s pipeline. This allows teams to create and maintain reliable data products.


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“CDOs (using Acceldata) can, in real-time, understand potential risks to the business with a holistic data lens and make proactive decisions to achieve the right business outcomes,” Rohit Choudhary, the company’s CEO, previously said. to VentureBeat. while detailing his technology.

Meanwhile, Bewgle was founded a year before Acceldata. The company made its mark with an LLM-based AI engine that generated insights by analyzing large amounts of unstructured text, such as conversations and reviews. This allowed them to offer clients in the retail, wellness and CPG sectors instant information on competition, content, products and consumers to accelerate business results.

Acceldata acquires Bewgle

With this acquisition, Bewgle’s team and technology will become part of Acceldata. Kumar and Shah, who have more than 40 years of combined experience building large-scale consumer and business intelligence products, will lead the company’s AI team and work to expand its data observability capabilities to help customers. teams to create stronger AI and LLM products.

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According to Acceldata’s website, the company will monitor data quality across complex pipelines and transformations across cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments, identify data issues and issue alerts on them (via circuit breakers and reliability triggers). data) before the information is used to build. a model.

It will also help track the lineage and update of the data throughout the process, helping to ensure that the model does not drift with outdated results.

“The data pipelines that power analytics dashboards today are the same ones that will power the AI ​​products and workflows that companies will create over the next five years… (However), for great AI results , high-quality data flowing through reliable data channels is a must. Acceldata is on the path to critical AI and analytics pipelines and will be able to add AI observability for its customers who will be deploying AI models at speed in the coming years,” Choudhary told VentureBeat.

Artificial intelligence is also on the way

Beyond focusing on data observability for AI and LLM, Bewgle’s team and technology will also help expand Acceldata’s product with AI intelligence, providing data professionals with new tools and features to detect anomalies, automate decisions and identify root causes. The company has not shared details, but did note that the deal has accelerated its AI plans.

“Acceldata brings years of experience from the Bewgle team (running foundational and LLM models over the past few years) to accelerate their AI roadmap. The product integration is expected to be completed soon and customers can expect to benefit from Acceldata’s AI technologies in the near future,” Choudhary said.

So far, Acceldata has raised nearly $100 million from multiple investors, including Insight Partners, March Capital, Industry Ventures, Lightspeed, Sorenson Ventures, Sanabil, and Emergent Ventures. However, you are not alone in this space. Deep-pocketed players like Cribl, Monte Carlo, and BigEye are also addressing the same problem with their respective solutions.

Notably, Monte Carlo has even begun to make progress with generative AI. In June, the company introduced two AI features in partnership with OpenAI, one that allows users to create SQL code through natural language and the other that suggests code fixes. Both are now widely available.

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