Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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AG Shapiro back in court to ‘keep the pressure’ on DeJoy, USPS for mail delays

“Consider this for a moment: 80% of the prescriptions that the Veterans Administration sends out are by mail, and over 840,000 veterans live in Pennsylvania. Hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania veterans rely on the mail to simply get their life saving medications delivered,” Shapiro said.

Shapiro said talks with postal workers around the state showed him the changes DeJoy made, from forcing mail trucks to leave without all of the necessary mail to cutting back on overtime for postal workers, had a far-reaching effect on all Americans.

“Today in court, this team will be arguing for a final decision to block these changes to just simply let postal workers do their jobs and to put confidence back in our mail system,” Shapiro said.

In a statement to WHYY News, a USPS spokesperson criticized the previous ruling and challenged Shapiro’s current stance.

“We continue to believe that the federal district courts lack jurisdiction to make decisions over the type or level of service that the Postal Service is required to provide, and that there is no legal basis for the State’s position,” the spokesperson said.

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