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Blankets and Throws From Four of the Country’s Last Woolen Mills

Cozy wool blankets spun in America’s last remaining textile mills are relics of a dying industry. You can now count the number of woolen mills in the U.S. on the fingers of one hand. It’s not just their increasing rarity that makes these blankets so appealing; many of these products are still made in the small towns of their origin—from Minnesota to Connecticut—adding further charm while also providing jobs for locals and keeping the industry humming. In fact, on a visit to the brick-and-mortar shops you can often see the factory in action through guided tours or wall-length windows.

With the advent of more sophisticated machinery at large factories, combined with the increased number of imports, some of these small businesses have struggled to survive. With a call to support domestic products and to buy from companies that are rooted in local manufacturing, are they now back in vogue?

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