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Carstarphen wins Democratic primary in Camden, vows to be ‘mayor for everyone’

Reyes-Morton had recently broken from Norcross and the party, citing their lack of respect in selecting Carstarphen for mayor hours after Moran’s resignation before the Democratic committee could come to that decision.

She said her grandmother, Georgina Vasquez, had changed her voter registration from Republican to Democrat several weeks ago, then was not allowed to vote this morning; after an inquiry by a journalist, said Reyes-Morton, the poll worker admitted the error and Vasquez was able to return to the polling place and vote.

On June 8, at her campaign headquarters, Camden mayoral candidate Felisha Reyes-Morton, right, gets a hug from sister-in-law Lisandra Morton. (Photo by April Saul for WHYY)

“There’s so much voter suppression in our city,” said Reyes-Morton.

Custis said his team told voters to call them with problems, and they immediately relayed those complaints to county election officials. “Those old voting machines,” said Custis, “really have to go.”

Amid the endorsement drama, Custis had remained optimistic; his campaign headquarters, in a defunct beauty shop on Haddon Avenue, was bustling with supporters all day. He said he believed “the youthful and undecided voters will step up to make a difference” and expressed frustration that he, Reyes-Morton, and Quinones had not banded together in a single campaign.

All three resolved to keep challenging the status quo in the city.

On June 8, Camden mayoral candidate Luis Quinones talks to voters Ann Foxworth, center, and Mary Smith, right, outside the Northgate I buiding in North Camden. (Photo by April Saul for WHYY)

Quinones pledged to stay politically involved. Custis said he would run for reelection to the school advisory board next year and Reyes-Morton said she expected to be reelected to her seat on City Council two years from now and thanked her supporters for their “empowerment.”

Had she known she wouldn’t win, she said she would have done it anyway.

“This is exciting for me,” Reyes-Morton said as the day wore on, “no matter what happens.”

At 9:24 p.m., Custis issued a statement thanking “everyone who supported our fight and listened to our message of change.

“The work goes on, the fight continues.”

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