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Chicago Bears Q&A: How does Eddie Goldman look? Will Sean Desai blitz more than Chuck Pagano? What’s the holdup for an Allen Robinson contract?

I think the Bears are in store for some subtle shifts, nothing drastic. There wasn’t a ton of difference from what Vic Fangio did to what Pagano did. In the history of defensive coordinator changes, my experience is the masses always clamor for the next guy to be more aggressive than the previous one. Blitz more. Pressure more. Attack, attack, attack. Well, no one takes over that position and states a goal of being more passive than the previous guy and operating with a bend-don’t-break approach. Desai was groomed by Fangio, who isn’t a big blitz guy. Fangio picks his spots to bring pressure, and the Bears were never among the league leaders in rushing five or more defenders when he was in charge. With the kind of money the Bears have invested in Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn — and Akiem Hicks for that matter — they shouldn’t have to dial up an abundance of blitzes to create routine pressure. The Bears used plenty of stunts and games up front last season, and I am sure we will see those again.

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