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Claude Giroux Hits Incredible Milestone, Continues to be Underappreciated

Read this clearly and accurately: Captain Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers is THE most under-appreciated professional athlete in the history of Philadelphia sports, and no one else comes even remotely close to Giroux in that aspect.  I know that’s a big statement, but the facts speak for themselves. Now, obviously there are some guys who were under-appreciated in their own right, but the way a portion of the Philadelphia sports fan base treats Giroux is downright ridicules when you look at his body of work throughout his career. One of his most recent accomplishments came on April 25th, 2021 while the Flyers were playing the New Jersey Devils.



The skinny: With the Flyers down 3-1 with just 1:26 remaining in regulation and the goalie on the bench for the extra attacker, Giroux put the team on his back, as he’s done countless times throughout his career. Giroux scored to cut the deficit in half, making it 3-2 for the Devils. With that goal, Giroux tied the legendary Brian Propp in all-time points as a member of the Philadelphia Flyers with 849 points. But Giroux was far from done. Then, just 22 seconds later, and the goalie still pulled, Giroux scores again to tie the game at 3-3, and in the process surpassing Propp for sole possession of 3rd place all-time in team points with his 850th point. Again, Giroux gave more. As the overtime solved nothing, he was called upon to be the first shooter in the shootout, and Giroux beat New Jersey goalie Blackwood between the legs and the Flyers were on their way to a victory. Giroux once again, as has been done countless times throughout his career, is named the games first star. See those goals here:



That was just one example of the heroics that Captain Claude Giroux has made throughout his career. Yet, there are some so-called “fans” of the team, that want Giroux benched, or traded, even stripped of his captaincy. I mean really.  What hockey games have they been watching? As I’ve pointed out many times, in the 2010’s, only 3 players have scored more points that Claude Giroux in the entire NHL. They are: Patrick Kane, Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby. That’s it. No one else.  And look at the teams those guys have had the pleasure of playing on. Their GM’s surrounded them with great talents as they went “All-in” in order to win a Stanley Cup. And compared to those guys, Giroux kills penalties, and is one of the best faceoff men in the league. Meanwhile, Giroux has been a good sport as his GM’s have been on a decade long “rebuild”.  You may not want to believe it, but that’s what the Flyers have been doing the past decade. It started with the trades of Richards and Carter for young guys like Voracek and Simmonds, and draft picks who turned out to be someone like Couturier. But it took a few years for those guys to develop and become stars. The team never went all-in and surrounded those guys with neither a quality goalie nor top notch defensemen.  Instead, Giroux took the team on his shoulders and propelled them into the playoffs when they had no business being there on more than one occasion. Then, when Hextall was named GM, he went all-in on a real rebuild through the draft, drafting guys like Konecny, Provorov, Sanhein, Farabee etc. But again, it takes years for young guys like that to become top notch players who can truly help become a cup contender. And again, Giroux stood by like the true gentleman that he is and is trying to be part of the solution by mentoring these youngsters.



The Flyers had a good team last year and were one win away from an Eastern Conference Final even with all the youngsters on the team. But in the offseason and the beginning of this season, the Flyers had an issue on defense with the retirement of Matt Niskanen. But GM Chuck Fletcher chose to ignore it until it was too late.  Giroux was once again let down by the team’s front office.  Captain Claude Giroux has been an absolute ferocious competitor despite all the roadblocks put forth by management with their rebuilds etc. So please, if you know anything at all about hockey, just enjoy witnessing the greatness Giroux brings on the ice night in and night out, because one day after he retires most likely as the second all time point getter in franchise history, you will all be saying “Damn, I wish we had a player like Claude Giroux on this team right now, who can do everything Claude used to do”…


Photos: PhiladelphiaFlyers.com; NBCSports.com;

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