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Crisis in Gaza as Israel warns of long war with Hamas: live updates

Crisis in Gaza as Israel warns of long war with Hamas: live updates

3:30 pm Eastern Time, November 1, 2023

Several countries confirm that their citizens cross safely into Egypt

From CNN’s Joseph Ataman, Chris Liakos, Radina Gigova, Eve Brennan and Sharon Braithwaite

Foreign nationals are leaving Gaza for Egypt through the Rafah border crossing on Wednesday.

Among the first groups to leave were five French citizens and 31 Austrian citizens, the country’s respective foreign ministries reported. British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly also said that “the first British citizens have left Gaza,” without specifying a number.

The French citizens were not accompanied by any non-French relatives or Palestinian workers at the French cultural center, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

They were received by a team from the French embassy in Egypt, according to the statement.

The group of Austrians includes “mainly dual nationals who have their center of life in Gaza or were visiting relatives, including ten minors, the youngest being a six-year-old girl,” Austria’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement. release.

The ministry added that “all evacuees are doing well under the circumstances.”

He said it was “one of the first countries whose citizens have been evacuated.”

The group will be taken to a shelter organized by the embassy, ​​where they can receive medical attention if necessary, the ministry said.

Cleverly called the evacuation of British citizens “a hugely important first step,” according to a social media post.

The UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) also posted a message on social media, saying British nationals crossed the Rafah border crossing from Gaza into Egypt, without specifying the number.

“UK teams are on the ground providing assistance,” the Foreign Office said.



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