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Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0 has advantages for Edgerunners, here’s what they do

Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0 has advantages for Edgerunners, here’s what they do

Cyberpunk 2077Update 2.0 will arrive on September 21 and completely overhauls the game’s skill trees to give you a more defined playstyle. He rules. But if you are a fan of Cyberpunk: Vanguard Runners anime (which is very good), you’ll notice that the new skill trees include perks based on characters from the anime, with icons showing their faces and even one named after the show. So if you want to know what they are and where to look for them in the skill tree, read on.

Lucy: Finish: Live Wire

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The Cyberpunk 2077 skill tree menu shows the Finisher: Live Wire perk.

Screenshot: CD Projekt Rojo / Kotaku

A nod to Lucy, the netrunner who uses a Monowire in combat, can be found in the Finisher: Live Wire perk in the Intelligence skill tree. This is one of the new finishers, allowing you to take out an enemy with a fancy melee attack and, as the name and icon suggest, involves using a mono wire to finish off an enemy. You’ll find it in the quick hack queue perk track on the left side. It definitely feels in line with Lucy’s character, so if you’re looking to emulate her hacking expertise and elegant wire-wielding, start adding points to your Intelligence tree.

Rebecca: Die! Die! Die!

Cyberpunk 2077 Skill Tree Shows Die!  Die!  Die!  perk.

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Screenshot: CD Projekt Rojo / Kotaku

As much as I love fan favorite Rebecca, Edge Runners‘Foul-mouthed, unpredictable and armed mercenary, the perk that uses her image is not as exciting as the others. Die! Die! Die! It is found in the body skill tree and reduces the recoil of shotguns, LMGs, and HMGs when you are low on stamina and increases your rate of fire as your stamina decreases. It will definitely help you in a pinch, but it doesn’t really give you a new tool like the other one. Edge Runners the advantages yes.

David: Edge Runner

Cyberpunk 2077's skill tree menu shows the Edgerunner perk.

Screenshot: CD Projekt Rojo / Kotaku

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Lastly, David’s image is used for the Technical Skill skill tree for a high-level buff named after the anime. The usefulness of Edgerunner is twofold. At a basic level, it allows you to exceed your Cyberware capacity, but with the drawback of losing 0.5% of V’s health for each point you exceed. This allows you to install more Cyberware, giving you more perks and abilities depending on which add-ons you install. But on top of that, depending on how many points you exceed your ability, you have a chance to enter a state of Fury, which increases your damage by 10 percent and gives you a 30 percent increased critical hit chance for critical damage. of 50 percent. increase.

Everything sounds like an echo of the arch of David in Edge Runners, which focused on his excessive use of Cyberware and what it cost him. So if you’d like to try it too, it’s waiting for you at the top of the Technical Skills tree.

All this is accompanied by Phantom Freedom The expansion will be released on September 26. For more information on this, stay tuned to kotakuFull review on September 20 at 11am ET.



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