Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Delaware lawmaker says ‘no excuse’ for anti-Asian slur he used in email

State Rep. Gerald Brady said there was “no excuse” for his use of a racial slur referring to Asian women in an email to someone out of state.

The email was reported by the Wilmington News Journal Tuesday after someone forwarded it to the newspaper.

Brady, a Democrat from Wilmington, responded to the report in a short post on his Facebook page.

“There is no excuse I can offer that explains my embarrassing and shameful words that insulted, stereotyped, and dehumanized an entire culture while making light of a serious human rights crisis,” the statement said.

“More than ever right now, we are seeing the negative impact that words our leaders use can have, leading to discrimination, violence, or worse. I have to do better. I hope that I can deter others from using similar language, and I intend to reflect deeply on my words and will try to take action to better our community.”

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