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Destiny 2 fans demand refunds for upcoming DLC ​​after Bungie layoffs

Destiny 2 fans demand refunds for upcoming DLC ​​after Bungie layoffs

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Destiny 2 users who pre-ordered next year’s expansion, The Final Shape, have begun demanding refunds as a way to express their displeasure over the round of layoffs that hit Bungie on Monday. Spotted by The Game Post, threads are being posted on Reddit to remind fans that they can get their money back through Steam, the PS Storeand the Xbox Store. This has resulted in posts with thousands of upvotes and fans sharing how easy it is to request a refund at each store.

Many players have already shared evidence of a successful refund on social media, where up to $100 is returned to your account after you’ve pre-ordered the base DLC along with your season pass and any additional content. The Reddit post that prompted the refunds argues that they are entitled to a refund because their expectations for The Final Shape will not be met on release day, which now appears to have been delayed by four months.

Twitter user @JackieDaggers explained that he can’t “in good conscience give my money to a company that screws people over so badly” while @GatlinBrown3 He said they can no longer “continue supporting a company with which I do not agree.” Many other fans suggest they are considering requesting a refund following layoffs that saw nearly 100 employees lose their jobs at Bungie this week.

Player sentiment and interest in Destiny 2 is said to be at an “all-time low” following the latest Lightfall DLC and the seasons of content that followed, meaning a round of fan refunds will only reveal even more. your disappointment with the product. The company is expected to miss its revenue goals by 45 percent like Bungie’s other game. Marathon is delayed internally until 2025. A PS Store pre-order can be canceled by speaking to a representative on the PlayStation Support website.



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