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For a great cut without the frills, visit Revolution Barber in Runnemede, NJ

Revolution Barber Company in Runnemede, NJ has an old school vibe with “new skool feel”! It’s the perfect place to get a haircut without all of the frills that you think about at a typical salon (blow outs, highlights, etc).

“If you have hair, we’re going to cut it” says owner Courtney Caruso. “This is a place for a guy to feel like a guy again…to get away from your wife.” Every cut is edged and finished properly and they boast the smoothest shave that you’ll ever feel.

Courtney hires her staff based on their kind and approachable personalities, because she can teach them how to cut and shave, but some things can’t be taught.

Schedule an appointment to get a haircut at their location! You can also check them out on their website, Facebook page, and Instagram.

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