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He coined “the cruelty is the point”. In his collection of essays, Adam Serwer sees Trump administration as an outgrowth of the inequalities the United States was founded on.

Former President Trump left office six months ago but the political tactics and rhetoric that marked his campaign and term continue to grow in popularity across the United States. Though his harsh and sometimes bigoted language was jarring to many voters, it also served as a rallying call for his base, tapping into a larger political movement that was fueled by anger, disenfranchisement and deep-rooted inequality. Several far-right politicians have continued to use Trump’s political playbook and rely on divisive politics and demonizing the other side to mobilize their supporters. ADAM SERWER, author and staff writer for The Atlantic, joins us to discuss the former President’s “cruel” brand of politics and what factors keep it alive. His new book is “The Cruelty Is The Point: The Past, Present And Future Of Trump’s America.”

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