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It Needs to End…

Over the weekend, former Union player Mark McKenzie added to his personal trophy case, winning the first-ever CONCACAF Nations League with the U.S Men’s National Team, with a thrilling win over Mexico. It was an amazing moment, however, it has brought back to light an issue that has been not only in sports but in most of the world, racism.

After a huge weekend for the former Union Defender, not only winning the tournament but notching his first 2 career starts for the Senior National team, Mark McKenzie took to social media Tuesday, sharing the comments of racism he has been subject to, and writing the following message:



(Via Mark McKenzie’s Twitter)

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you believe in, what you look like or anything like that, no one should be subject to comments and hatred like that. Especially because you don’t like how someone played in a game. It is not just “a few bad apples” it is a worldwide social problem. These people aren’t just athletes, they are human beings. They play the game for our entertainment and they for sure don’t owe you a thing.

This issue and the fight to fix it are nothing new. Everyone needs to work together and make sure it ends. Sports should be welcoming to anyone and everyone. It is a shame Mark has had to go through this, but applaud his courage to speak out about it. In Mark’s words, “You’re either for positive change or part of the problem.”


Featured Image: Isaiah J. Downing/ USA Today

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