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‘It’s honestly devastating’: Bucks County dries off and starts to repair after 100-year flood

County officials note they’re trying to make it easy for people to report damage to their homes and property because if the costs climb high enough, they could become eligible for additional state and federal relief.

Bucks Emergency Services Director Audrey Kenny said she believes the damage is already great enough that Bucks will get some money from Pennsylvania’s small business administration loan program, which offers low-interest loans to help businesses and individuals recover after disasters.

Many people in Bucks aren’t prepared for this kind of disaster, she added, so outside help is going to be important.

“We’ve talked to everybody who has reported major damage within their homes, and of those, there were more who did not have flood insurance,” she said, adding that renters have even less protection.

Bucks spokesman James O’Malley noted, it’s still not clear if federal help will be in the offing — that bar is higher than the state one.

Mike and Alice Ksyniak said they’ll take whatever they can get.

The Bristol township couple got more than a foot of water in their basement during the flood and it backed up their plumbing, pushing raw sewage into their house. It’s drying out now, but TK notes with a shudder, it’s starting to mold, and she’s worried the bad air will exacerbate her health issues — “COPD, MD, diabetes, and a bad heart.”

The couple, aged 69 and 65, said they’ve been getting some good leads on people who can help them clean up. But they’re a little more worried about replacing things. Their freezer no longer works, and they’re worried their oil furnace and washer and dryer are on their way out, too.

“I can’t afford all that,” Mike said.

He grew up in the now-flooded house and has lived there for most of his life. He’s seen the basement take on water before, but notes, he had no idea it could ever get this bad.

“Nothing like this,” he said. “This was incredible.”

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