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Kim Zolciak Sued Over Credit Card Debt

Kim Zolciak Sued Over Credit Card Debt


Kim Zolciak

Sued by B of A

I got credit and the credit was due

Kim Zolciak has been sued once again for not paying her bills… this time by Bank of America, which claims she is more than $50,000 delinquent.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Kim had a $50,000 line of credit at B of A and then ran up a bill that reached the limit. B of A claims she sent periodic notices demanding payment, but received zippo.

With interest and penalties, the balance is now $56,224.07 and growing. So B of A is now the latest in a long line of creditors who have turned to the legal system to get Kim and Kroy to hand over cash.

bmw solo won a case against Kroy on non-payment of a Rolls Royce. A judge this month ordered him to return the $400,100 SUV to the car company.

Kim and Kroy have also been ordered to pay Simmons Bank approximately $230,000 for default on a home equity line of credit.

kim was sued in August for SAKS/CAPITAL ONE for $156,080…again, without paying your credit card bill.

And Kim was too sued by target for $2,400 for not paying his credit card bill.

Kroy was sued by Sky Warrior for a gambling debt — $52,500 — for a bad streak at a casino in the Bahamas.

They have also faltered in the brink of foreclosure.

Short story… B of A, get in line.



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