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Kotaku Weekend Guide: 6 Games to Welcome in November

Kotaku Weekend Guide: 6 Games to Welcome in November

A first-person view shows a warrior with a sword observing some large aquatic insects in Lunacid.

Screenshot: Kira LLC / Kotaku

Play it on: Windows (Steam cover OK)
Current goal: Stop spending all my money on healing potions.

It’s beautiful when people who grew up loving video games start creating their own, creating new and often strange versions of touchstones from the past. That’s on my mind this week as I play. lunacida first-person dungeon crawler action game that offers a new mix of dirty PlayStation aesthetics, Dark soulsand more than everything King’s Field. (It’s also a bit strange and has amazing music.)

After choosing from nine classes (choose Forsaken if you want maximum suffering), you wake up in a dank pit of the damned. All you can do is start exploring the caverns before you in the hopes of one day finding a way out. It took me about an hour to start enjoying it, but once everything started working I happily dug in for four hours straight.

With rude hesitations and everything in low-poly, lunacid demonstrates a mastery of the 32-bit PlayStation aesthetic. It seems that you remember King’s Field looking, while in reality FromSoft’s PSX dungeon crawls were far further primitive. Nowhere is the modernization of the game as evident as in its controls. While King’s Field he barely managed to “slog through” at his absolute peak, lunacid It always runs at 60fps and, as long as you level up your speed stat, allows you to run like a gazelle. This feels fantastic on an Xbox platform.

Which stat should I level up first?

Speed! Just trust me. In my opinion, spend at least your first 10 levels just milking that until the movement starts to feel sweet. Shinobi starts with 15 speeds, making it by far the best class out of the box for me. I uh, I didn’t stop until I was 53… maybe I have a problem.

Maybe lunacid maximum credibility as a son of King’s Field It comes from your lack of concern for trash. Its simple combat hasn’t evolved much from the formula FromSoft first introduced back in 1994. Everything’s less slow now, but ultimately you’re just a camera orbiting stiffly moving beasts with a handful of animations. each. bayonet this is not.

Just as the mechanical austerity of King’s Field finally it works, it does too lunacid‘s. Does not attempt to replicate the “AAA” complex Dark soulsaction level, nor should it waste resources trying. Instead, he defends some of Dark souls‘Other strong points: humor, exploration, peculiarity, loneliness and charisma. All qualities Dark souls inherited from King’s Field, now in tune with a new generation of creators. —Alexandra Hall



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