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Modern Warfare 3 players call for ‘horrible’ armory system to be removed – Dexerto

Modern Warfare 3 players call for ‘horrible’ armory system to be removed – Dexerto

MW3’s armory system remains a thorn in the side of the player base, with players begging Sledgehammer Games to remove it.

MW3 has been criticized by players for many reasons with complaints directed at the “degraded visuals” and lack of a classic prestige system. However, it has been the Armory System that has been a constant subject of ire.

Basically, once players reach level 25, they can unlock various in-game equipment through daily challenges. For example, you must face a series of challenges to unlock the Riveter shotgun instead of leveling it up conventionally.

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And, while there is an exploit that allows you to unlock weapons, you must also go through the Armory System for each weapon accessory purchased from the Armory.

As the days have passed since launch, player sentiment has gone from anger to pleading with the developers to remove the system.

MW3 Players Want the Armory System Removed

A screenshot of the MW3 game.Activision

After hurtful comments labeling MW3’s Armory System as “garbage,” a new series of comments has called for its removal.

MW3 player TheBigDawg96 shared his comments on the game’s Reddit thread, where they detailed a shocking issue with the system. After completing a series of challenges, the final set requires you to win a match, which may be easier said than done due to the infuriating nature of SBMM.

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“What a horrendous idea this armory system is. Unlocking things is totally dependent on winning games, which depends on your team,” TheBigDawg96 stated angrily.

Despite the annoying nature of the post, fans shared tips and tricks. “Free for everyone, make it to the top 3 and count as a win,” one user responded, surprising many.

A lesser-known trick is that Zombies mode can speed up unlocking MW3’s armory system. One user shared that idea: “Zombies has made leveling up and unlocking the armory much easier, because 3 contracts equal a daily challenge. “It’s a lot easier to do than getting a win with SBMM in action.”

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As the game is still fresh, it will be interesting to see if Sledgehammer Games addresses the concerns. For now, be sure to follow the solutions provided to negate how stressful MW3’s armor system can be.



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