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Modern Warfare 3 players discover irritating ‘invisible walls’ on several maps – Dexerto

Modern Warfare 3 players discover irritating ‘invisible walls’ on several maps – Dexerto

Modern Warfare 3 players have discovered that several maps have frustrating invisible walls that can completely block bullets and grenades.

Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer has been available for just over a week, but the 2023 reboot hasn’t been received very well by many members of the Call of Duty community.

Even after numerous patches, players continue to encounter glaring issues related to spawn points, glitches, and a host of other issues.

Now, some fans have provided evidence that there are invisible walls present in several multiplayer maps that completely block bullets and grenades.

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Modern Warfare 3 Players Encounter Invisible Walls in Multiplayer

A post on the Modern Warfare 3 subreddit gained traction among players after a user named Different_Return5366 created a thread titled: “I finally have proof that invisible barriers are causing my grenades to kill me.”

The post included a short video showing a player in Favela. They cook a grenade on a small ledge before throwing it, only for that same grenade to bounce into the air and land on the small ledge in front of them.

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To make the point even clearer, the OP slowed down the footage even further to clearly show that it was the same grenade they threw bouncing back at them on the invisible wall.

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Fans in the comments thanked the player for providing evidence of the invisible wall, as many claimed to have encountered the same problem when playing in Favela.

“Dude, thanks for this,” said one fan. “I thought he was fucking crazy. The same goes for moving. “Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck when I shouldn’t be.”

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Others have also found invisible walls or barriers on other maps, such as Afghanistan. The images below show a Claymore floating one night straight towards the crashed plane in the center of the map.

mw3 invisible wall 1 afghanActivision

Fortunately, developer Sledgehammer Games is constantly patching MW3 and fixing a host of different bugs and glitches as they become known.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before these invisible barriers are fixed as well.



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