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Modern Warfare 3 players divided over “boring” new Zombies mode – Dexerto

Modern Warfare 3 players divided over “boring” new Zombies mode – Dexerto

Activision released a new Zombies mode alongside Modern Warfare 3, but players haven’t responded well to the changes from previous games.

Modern Warfare 3 launched with Operation Deadbolt, the new Zombies mode that makes some significant changes from its predecessors, such as a much larger map and objective-based challenges instead of rounds.

The developers changed the mode to be more like Warzone, a mode that was a huge hit for the franchise, similar to how they altered this year’s campaign that had some streamers like MoistCr1tikal furious.

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But despite Activision’s hopes that players will enjoy the changes, streamers and players are disappointed with Zombies Operation Deadbolt.

Modern Warfare 3 Player Hits ‘Trash’ Zombies Mode

Popular veteran Zombies content creator NoahJ456, known for completing crazy challenges, posted a clip on social media talking about how upset he was with the mode, sparking a community debate.

“The story so far is non-existent, it’s really boring, it’s rubbish.”

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Some people, like one player who retweeted the clip with the title, disagreed with NoahJ456 and liked the changes: “Zombie players when they can’t run around a small map for hours and have a story that requires a PhD to understand. “

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“They are literally the best zombies ever lol,” said one fan. “I love a good Easter egg, but many are too complicated,” said another.

But for every comment that praised the new Zombies mode, there were more than twice as many complaints about it. “No, they really could have done a better job with the zombies. I feel like taking this route is honestly lazy,” one wrote. “Bro, this zombie mode is pure garbage,” added another.

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But even players who don’t like the new Zombies Operation Deadbolt have found a use for it, using the mode to complete Modern Warfare 3 Armory challenges.



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