Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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My brain is starting to think outside the pandemic

One thought has been on my mind lately: I need some friends. 

As vaccinations progress and case numbers are on the decline for much of the country, I’m starting to think about some things that have been pushed to the far back of my mind. Namely I am thinking more and more about how my husband and I need to make friends in our new community. 

When we moved into our new home in November, I wasn’t concerned about making friends. The pandemic was raging, it was too cold outside for socially distanced hangouts, and we were used to our own company. We went grocery shopping. We walked our dog. But did we really live in our new neighborhood? No. 

Now, after I’ve been vaccinated and my husband is scheduled to receive his second shot Friday, my mind is less filled with thoughts of my safety, and I’m thinking more about other items on my hierarchy of needs. I am exploring my neighborhood. I am reaching out to neighbors, friendsand familyto make plans for post-vaccination socializing. I am thinking about the future. 

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