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New 3D Sonic Game Reportedly Remains “Apple Arcade Exclusive”

New 3D Sonic Game Reportedly Remains “Apple Arcade Exclusive”

Sega has revealed that Blue Blur is getting a new 3D action platformer called Sonic Dream Teamthe only drawback is that it is exclusive to Apple Arcade.

According to Sonic Stadium, Dream Team will likely remain exclusive as well. A source who was apparently “involved in the production of the game” told the site that Apple was involved in the production, suggesting it might have some kind of financial investment.

Although Apple Arcade exclusives have been released on other platforms before, there isn’t the best track record when it comes to Sega titles on Apple devices, with games like HARDLight. Chu Chu Rocket! Universe limited to this platform (and now out of action).

Sonic Dream Team will be released on December 5, 2023, and will see Sonic and his friends race through 12 levels and four worlds to stop Dr. Eggman’s strange dreams from coming true. In addition to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, Rouge the Bat and Cream the Rabbit will also return as playable characters.

Sonic Dream Team
Image: SEGA, Apple Arcade



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