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Nick Sirianni’s Competitive Nature Sets Foundation for Eagles Culture

The move of hiring the Philadelphia Eagles latest head coach, Nick Siranni, has been one of mixed reviews since he was brought on staff and introduced to the public in his opening press conference on January 29th, 2021.

Following the end of Organized Team Activities, the tide seems to have turned a bit on Siranni’s philosophy since the proof of his core values have been displayed on the practice.

Sirianni is a competitor through and through

Prior to Siranni’s closing remarks during the final presser of OTA’s, he was actually a few minutes late because he was participating in a 3-point shooting against WR Greg Ward Jr…in which coach Siranni lost.

Siranni made mention of other fun ways the teams competed, such as playing ping-pong amongst each other. Word around the NovaCare Complex is that Dallas Goedert just beat Eric Wilson pretty badly, but no one wants war on the table with Jake Elliot, who apparently is the best at these mini-games.

Siranni explained that competition is such an important core value since it sets the standard of what the Philadelphia Eagles would like to accomplish this season…win games, and get better everyday.

I think about it, like, why am I competitive? I had two older brothers that beat the crap out of me all the time. I had to be competitive, and I wanted to be competitive, and my dad made me be competitive. There has to be something to that. I’ve always thought that.”

So, when you practice competing, just like you practice those plays, you’re going to get better and better and better at it. That’s the main philosophy behind it.”

Each and every week, the Eagles will be faced with new challenges that come with the grind of an NFL season, not to mention the biggest season yet since there will now be 17 regular season games. How will Philly be prepared in these situations?

The team must excel in having a competitive edge

“It’s all about the wins and losses,” Sirianni said. “And the games are tight, the parity is tight. So, all these games come down to one score. There’s constantly a guy coming in for your job, so you’re fending off a guy to take your job. Just like we practiced on offense inside zone or defense over cover 3, we’ve got to practice competing as well.”

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