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Review: In ‘Last Match’ from Writers Theatre, a U.S. tennis champion fears getting older

That’s a constant faux-tragic narrative in professional tennis, of course, thanks to the combinations of long careers and, well, the reality of physical mortality (although some of those players surely understand how to delay). And it’s the preoccupation of Tim Porter (Ryan Hallahan), one of the central characters in Anna Ziegler’s “The Last Match,” the very sophisticated, high-energy and entertaining new show centered on the U.S. Open tournament and now streaming from Writers Theatre in Glencoe. (The show was intended to be seen live prior to the pandemic; the streaming production takes its place.) Even Tim’s player-coach girlfriend, Mallory, puts in the knife: “You wish you were 18,” she says. “And that your body didn’t make creaking noises and the people didn’t call you old on TV.”

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