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Samsung Leak confirms the powerful update of the Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung Leak confirms the powerful update of the Galaxy S24 Ultra

Updated November 26: Article originally published November 25.

Although the Galaxy Note series came to an end in 2020, one of its most innovative features found a new home in the Samsung Galaxy S flagships. Not only is Samsung continuing that tradition with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but the Ultra offers a feature that will improve this classic technology… the S-Pen.

Update: Sunday, November 26: Samsung doesn’t just rely on the classics. The brave new world of the first AI smartphones.an area that Google defined with the launch of the Pixel 8 Pro—will be a huge part of the Galaxy S24 family. Samsung has already revealed Samsung Gaussits core AI components that will appear within the hardware, along with some potential features.

Now, the push to promote AI has been revealed, with brand documents reported by GalaxyClub showing Samsung’s filing for multiple trademarks. The two of interest are “AI Smartphone” and “AI Phone” both in the EU (here and here) and the United Kingdom (here and here). It would be surprising if these terms were considered anything more than generic and ineligible to be registered as trademarks.

However, Samsung’s attempt to bring them to South Korea clearly indicates that it sees the Galaxy S24 as an AI smartphone, in addition to one designed specifically for a stylus.

The design of the S24 Ultra has been designed for the S-Pen. Specifically, the move away from the curved screen of the previous Ultra towards a completely flat screen.

Details about the new display come from the latest leaked photos of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. These show various S24 Ultra highlights including the lack of an isolating camera island for all five lenses, the ever-useful volume and power buttons on the right edge, and of course the flat screen.

Sometimes the smallest design changes can have the biggest impact.

With a flat screen, the S-Pen will happily reach the edges and the interface will be much more comfortable to use. The pen will no longer slide along the edge of the screen. Whether you want to select, highlight, or draw on the edges of the screen, Ultra makes your smartphone world a little easier.

This is before considering the new hardware that will be included in the 2024 S-Pen, which has already achieved certification in several territories, and the S24 Ultra’s digitizer that reacts to stylus inputs.

Few manufacturers offer the synergy between these two elements in their high-end phones. It’s more noticeable in the tablet space, but if you’re looking for a stylus to match your flagship phone, you’ll be hard-pressed to look past Samsung’s latest package.

The Galaxy S24 family, including the S24 Ultra and S-Pen, will launch in early 2024 at a “Galaxy Unpacked” event expected to occur on January 17.

Now read how Samsung will bring AI to the Galaxy S24 Ultra…

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