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South Jersey health departments resume use of J&J vaccine

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After an 11-day pause on using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, local health officials in South Jersey are not wasting time in putting the one-dose vaccine back in the toolbox to vaccinate residents, especially those who are homebound.

Officials championed using the J&J vaccine for their most vulnerable residents, particularly those who cannot make it to a mass vaccination site, because it only requires one dose. In comparison, Moderna and Pfizer – the other two vaccines authorized for use in the United States – require two doses. The J&J vaccine can also be stored in a regular refrigerator unlike Moderna and Pfizer which requires specialized sub-zero refrigeration.

Burlington, Camden, and Mercer counties, as well as the City of Trenton, all plan to use the J&J vaccine at clinics this week.

Burlington and Camden counties plan to expand their operations.

Burlington County has begun to take appointments again with at-home vaccinations expected to resume on Wednesday.

Camden County will also use J&J at a pop-up clinic at Cooper River Park Wednesday.

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