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Swifties Are Falling in Love with Travis Kelce’s Old Tweets

Swifties Are Falling in Love with Travis Kelce’s Old Tweets

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s old posts on social media have caught the attention of Taylor Swift fans, who are roasting the NFL star for his appreciation of chicken Alfredo, his interest in the squirrels and his disdain for math class, among other things.

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It’s common for Internet sleuths to review a celebrity’s social media history, especially if that person is newly famous or has recently gone viral, to check for any prior irregularities or problematic comments. Although Kelce already has a name among NFL fans, many Swifties are just getting to know him.

So Swift fans have been digging through Kelce’s old posts on X (formerly Twitter) and offering new opinions on what they say about Kelce.

Some fans are also taking advantage of the moment to compare where Kelce was in 2011 (he attended the University of Cincinnati from 2008 to 2012) with Swift, who released her albums “Speak Now” (2010) and “Red” (2012) during that period. But most users are amused by the tweets, which range from comments about fast food restaurants to religious holidays.

“Happy Easter everyone!!! #shout out to Jesus for taking one for the team…haha” Kelce he wrote in April 2010.

In a post in June 2011, Kelce wrote that he was at the Olive Garden restaurant with his father, Ed Kelce. “I had to have the Fettucini with Chicken Alfredo! #shmackin”the tweet said. Naturally, on Tuesday and Wednesday, social media users flooded that post with responses, tagging Swift and criticizing Kelce for her appreciation of the restaurant. (And to make fun of the “shmackin” hashtag.) olive garden He even weighed in on Wednesday’s tweet: “It’s a love story, baby, just say ‘when.'”

Speaking of restaurants, several of Kelce’s posts misspelled the name of the Chipotle restaurant as “Chipolte.” And it seemed that Kelce really committed to spelling, according to users. “I went from class to therapy, now I need some #chipolte And then I’m off to see my new apartment!! Kelce wrote in April 2011.

Many social media users are retweeting and sharing some of the tweets themselves, causing them to go viral, like the one where Kelce wrote“I hate when the #Chipotle The line is very close to the door… Smh.” TO mail quoting that tweet it now has over 160,000 views.

Several social media users also pointed out Kelce’s apparent love for the MGMT song “Electric Feel” while used on half a dozen tweets to show their appreciation for the 2007 song.

But not all tweets are golden. Some have highlighted More negative posts from Kelce, including one from 2010 when he wrote, “judging every person…whether ugly, fat, funny or sexy.” Kelce also reportedly deleted a tweet in which she denied cheating on an ex-partner.

“I think the reason people go on these crazy deep dives and do tons of research and internet searches is because they’re trying to gather details as a form of protection,” said Ashley Rose Reeves, a social media influencer. Utah social networks with more than 175,000 followers. “They’re excited for her.”

“It becomes more and more endearing the more we get to know him,” said Reeves, 39, who hosts an Instagram streaming channel called “Swiftie Sisters” with more than 4,000 members. She said it’s fun to learn more about Kelce since Swift’s previous romantic partners, like Joe Alwyn, weren’t as available to the public.

Victoria Sedillo, an insurance agent in New Mexico and self-proclaimed Swiftie, finds many of Kelce’s old tweets relatable. “Who doesn’t love taking a nap all the time and not being in class as a college athlete and just talking about eating?” Sedillo said. “Her tweets of her remind me of what my husband was like when he was an athlete in college.”

Sedillo, 29, said his favorite tweet was when Kelce said he was went to therapy after going to “chipolte” since it demonstrated his maturity. “It took me years to get to see one, so I applaud it and I also love Chipotle,” she said.

Sedillo doesn’t think fans should worry too much about past tweets. “Taylor clearly likes Travis, he makes her happy and she knows her character more than we do,” she said. “As long as Taylor is happy, who cares what she used to tweet?”



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