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Telecommunications company to improve educational opportunities for Camden youth

Joe Divis, interim president of AT&T New Jersey, says this money is designed to give young people an opportunity as part of their work-readiness effort.

“If you look at the results of Hopeworks and the programs at Rowan, the results are there. That’s why AT&T is proud to support what they are doing.”

Divis says they are trying to help young people succeed in high school and move on to post-secondary education.

The communications provider is also working to bridge the digital divide. Hopeworks provides learning facilities equipped with computers that have internet access, which enables those who do not have a computer at home to go on the internet, take classes, and to apply for college and other positions that might not require a college education.

Rowan will use the money to offer literacy and technology courses to students says Singleton.

“We will be offering courses to students, showing them opportunities as it relates to higher education at Rowan, and how they can map out their future through college.”

Singleton says the courses will, “offer them student success resources, as well as teach them about computers, how to apply to different colleges, build common applications, and things of that nature.”

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