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Tesla Model S Plaid, ‘world’s fastest car’, shatters another record

Just a few days ago Jay Leno announced that Tesla Model S Plaid registered a time of 9.247 seconds and a trap speed of 244.9 kmph. Now the electric car manufacturer has spilled the beans. It claims the Tesla Model S Plaid is even faster than the speed Jay Leno announced.

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Tesla has listed the official quarter-mile time as 9.23 seconds and the speed at 249.5 kmph. Tesla also claims the Model S Plaid as the quickest accelerating car in production currently.

However, $2.45 million costing Rimac Nevera electric car claims to have a 0-96 kmph sprint time of 1.85 seconds. This is quicker than Tesla Model S Plaid’s claimed 1.99 seconds. But the Rimac model is a twin-seater hypercar and the Tesla Model S Plaid is a four-door sedan.

One thing however is clear. Tesla Model S Plaid is will deliver a sheer thrill down the spine of the driver for sure. The Tesla Model S Plaid is even faster than many supercars.

Tesla has been teasing the Model S Plaid since 2019 and its delivery was scheduled to start on June 3. But Tesla CEO Elon Musk on May 29 announced that the EV manufacturer is delaying its Model S Plaid delivery event as the electric car needs more tuning. The delivery event is now scheduled for June 10.

Musk described the Model S Plaid as a spaceship. “This car feels like a spaceship. Words cannot describe the limbic resonance,” he wrote on Twitter.

Tesla claims the 2021 Model S will come with the most comprehensive set of changes in nearly a decade. The Model S Plaid is the top-performance variant of the electric sedan. It gets an elevated level of dynamic performance with its triple motor setup.

The Tesla Model S Plaid replaces the Model S Performance. It is expected to have a top speed of 321.87 kmph and a running range of 627 km on a single charge.

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