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The new Baldur’s Gate 3 patch is the best reason to play more

The new Baldur’s Gate 3 patch is the best reason to play more

Baldur’s Gate 3‘s Patch 5 brings more reasons than ever to return to Larian Studios’ excellent RPG with new modes and, most importantly, a new epilogue that takes place six months after the main game.

Patch 5 will be available today, November 30, and comes with a whopping 130 GB free space requirement install. The headline is the new epilogue that can be accessed by anyone who loads the game before “the final fight.” In a statement issued to kotakuLarian says this refers specifically to the final boss fight, but you’ll need to save before making a decision on how to handle the Netherbrain. The epilogue is described as a reunion of all your friends six months after the original ending, allowing you to say goodbye to everyone. Well, everyone who is alive, at least.

That means players choosing the evil ending You won’t be able to access the epilogue, although players who followed this route will get an additional story in future updates. Larian’s full statement issued to kotaku says the following:

“Players who commit to the most evil ending will not receive invitations to Withers parties! He organizes this party to give you closure with your allies; If you have no allies left, the new epilogue scenes do not apply. That said, we are working to improve the experience of the evil ending, which should arrive in a later patch.”

According to Larian, this epilogue includes “some of the most complex writings” of the Baldur’s Gate 3 since it takes into account the relationships and choices made throughout the entire game. The team wrote 3,589 new lines for this segment, but you’ll probably only hear a fraction of them in any given match.

While that’s one reason to replay the ending, Baldur’s Gate 3 You’ll also get two new modes that will change the entire game if you’re looking for a reason to start over. The first is Honor Mode, which is essentially a permadeath option that makes combat, stat checks, and boss fights difficult. If you die in this mode, you will have the option to continue with that save file, turn off Honor Mode, or start over. If you make it to the end, you’ll unlock a golden D20 for your dice rolls in future games.

The second new mode is Custom Mode, which allows you to modify different variables for your ride. Some options include hiding dice roll requirements and HP bars from the enemy, which Larian says is meant to better mimic a board game experience. If you want to change things to make them easier, you can also make changes like having Short rests heal your party completely. instead of partially.

Updated: 11/30/23, 11:30 am ET: This post was originally published with work-in-progress patch notes provided by Larian Studios. However, those patch notes may not accurately reflect the final patch. We regret the error and will update this post with the final patch notes when we receive them.



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