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The promoters of the COVID vaccine ask for the grace that they would not grant to others… Don’t give it to them | Tomi Lahren

The promoters of the COVID vaccine ask for the grace that they would not grant to others… Don’t give it to them |  Tomi Lahren

Well folks, the COVID vaccine and all its boosters NOT only DOES NOT prevent infection or spread, but here comes this.

A new FDA-funded study shows that older adults who received last year’s booster version plus a high-dose flu vaccine at the same visit… you know, that two-for-one that Taylor’s boyfriend Swift is promoting in her Pfizer ad. .

Well, they have the potential to increase the risk of stroke.

Now experts don’t want to scare you, okay, they say this research is only preliminary and other factors may be at play, such as older people already having a higher risk of having a stroke.

Ironic, because that’s pretty much the same thing that some of us said about people dying of COVID in the first place, that maybe COVID alone wasn’t this boogeyman but rather COVID combined with underlying issues and old age…

The results of this study on flu plus COVID vax equal stroke risk have not yet been “peer reviewed” through the “normal scientific process,” so experts don’t want people to worry too much.

Well, again, ironic, because some of us were a little worried about that experimental COVID vaccine that was hastily approved with emergency authorization and didn’t go through the “normal scientific process.”

This whole thing feels so gross. It feels like we’ve been lied to and the truth finally comes out, but too little, too late.

The same goes for COVID protocols before and after the almighty vax.

Now, years later, after lives, businesses, educational potential, social skills and our economy have been eroded by lockdowns, closures and tyrannical COVID policies, some of those who originally pushed them are “repenting.”

Like this NYU professor who once pushed for MORE COVID rules and more COVID tyranny, but now just wants some grace.

Well, I was on the board of my children’s school during COVID. I wanted a tougher lockdown policy and, in retrospect, I was wrong. The harm to children by keeping them out of school longer was greater than the risks. But this is the bottom line for me, our great people, the CDC. I would like to thank the governor. We were all operating with imperfect information and doing the best we could. So let’s learn from it. Let’s learn from it. Let’s hold each other accountable. But let’s bring some grace and forgiveness and shit. It shows that we are stronger. Yeah.

Without grace. None.

You ruined lives, some irreparably. You don’t get an oopsie, whoopsie, sorry.

No mulligans for mishandling of COVID

And the same goes for ALL the so-called leaders who locked us down, masked us, and forced Americans to get vaccinated. You won’t get any mercy, grace or amnesty for that either.

And in that list I include several REPUBLICANS as well.

But there is a positive side to all this: we have learned our lesson. Well, not the green hairs who are still masked up to their foreheads, probably unbathed, and probably out there right now protesting Hamas; You all are lost causes.

But as for the rest of us, I’m proud of us.

A couple of months ago, Democrats really tried to resurrect COVID and failed. We collectively get to work and guess what, COVID-fearing pornographers have basically been silenced and shut down.

We have the power to prevent tyranny and we HAVE the ability to demand freedom. We just have to do it more often and NEVER, I mean NEVER, let them get away with it again.

Those are my final thoughts. From Nashville, God bless you and keep you safe.

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