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The View’s Sara Haines Fights Back Tears as Tyler Perry Breaks Down

The View’s Sara Haines Fights Back Tears as Tyler Perry Breaks Down

By Kirsty McCormack for Dailymail.Com

20:24 November 7, 2023, updated 17:47 November 8, 2023

  • Sara, 46, praised the actor’s documentary Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story
  • Tyler, 54, was upset when Sara said she ‘met’ her mother while watching the movie.
  • House of Payne star’s mother Maxine sadly passed away in December 2009
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Tyler Perry broke down and was twice forced to pull himself together while talking about his late mother Maxine and her life of ‘pain’ on The View, leaving host Sara Haines in tears.

The 54-year-old was left breathless after Sara, 46, praised his new documentary, Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story, telling him it made her feel like she’d met her mother, who died at 64 years in 2009.

‘I will watch this movie every time I need my own power because I wanted to run laps! It was very well done,’ she said.

“When I met Maxine, I didn’t know her, but it shows how much you endured as a child…”

Her words clearly struck a chord with Tyler, who took a deep breath before his voice began to crack, ‘Okay, wait a minute, that one took me.’

‘Wow, how did he hit me so hard? Did you know my mother? You met my mom through that, man, wow, thank you, oh my gosh.

Joy Behar, 81, who was there to comfort him, said: “It still bothers you, these things don’t go away so quickly.”

Actor Tyler Perry broke down in tears during an appearance on The View on Tuesday.
Sara Haines thrilled Tyler when she said she felt like she ‘knew’ his mother Maxine after watching her new documentary.
Tyler, pictured here with his mother Maxine in 2006, described her as a woman “who lived her whole life in a lot of pain.”

‘To say you met her through that, that gets me somewhere because she… this woman endured a lot of pain and she didn’t have any legacy, but she had me and to say I was able to introduce her to you. “You’ve got me there,” Tyler said. ‘I’m sorry, Lord, have mercy. I’m aware of.’

With tears in her eyes, Sara, a mother of three, responded: ‘Thank you for also sharing her with all of us because her legacy remains very strong in you and your son.’

The TV star then tried to talk about Tyler’s “violent childhood,” but he still felt overcome by her kind words, adding, “I’m sorry, guys.” I’m sorry. ‘You met my mother through the doctor… you really helped me get there, I’m sorry, I have to get myself together!’

Sara reassured him: ‘If you want to keep it, you can. I understand.’

Tyler went on to detail the hardships his mother endured and praised her ability to go out of her way to ensure the happiness of her loved ones.

“I imagine a woman who lived her entire life in so much pain and was always worried about others,” she said. “I saw her get sick, I saw her get cancer, I saw her have all these things because her intention was, ‘Are you happy?’ Are you OK?”.

“She never put herself on the list and never thought it was important and never thought anyone would care.” So to speak, this documentary about my life introduces her to the world, that moves me because she was very special to me.’

Alyssa Farah Griffin, 34, asked Tyler about his relationship with his estranged father.

“You see the pain it caused your family and I can’t imagine how difficult it was for you, but despite everything you went through, you still take care of him and make sure he is well supported,” she said. ‘How can you do that and why was it important to you?’

The 54-year-old struggled to get his words out during his interview as he fought back tears.
The View’s Sunny Hostin comforted Tyler as he tried to explain why he was so upset.
Tyler revealed that his mother Maxine “never thought she was important” and “always cared about other people.”

Tyler responded, “I’ve given up hope that he’ll ever do anything good or have any kind of kindness or love in his heart.” I’ve given up on that because he is who he is and that’s why you have to get to a place where you accept people for who they are.

“I’ve accepted him as he is and he’s had an enormous amount of pain in his own life and I didn’t know how to transfer it. They took him to a 14-year-old girl to raise him and she beat him up, so that’s what he did to his children.

He said he was determined to “break the cycle” with his own son, Aman, whom he welcomed with Gelila Bekele in 2014, and said he is not “angry” at his father because his “horrible” actions have “done” him. [him] a better man and a better person.’

Whoopi Goldberg, 67, said, “That’s the beauty of moms, because our moms do everything they can to make sure we don’t have to follow their path.”

“But they also leave that spark in us, that’s why you can pass on the spark, that’s why people can see who she was through you, because that’s what she left in you, it’s an amazing thing.” If we are lucky, we are lucky to have our mothers.

Tyler handed creative control to Gelila and Armani Ortiz for the documentary, which was filmed over a ten-year period. It chronicles the multi-talented early years in New Orleans, marked by poverty and his abusive father, and his rise to billionaire media mogul.

Tyler, who started out as a playwright, became the first Black person to own and run a major film studio in 2019, when he purchased a 330-acre studio in Atlanta. He has also signed major deals with streaming giants Amazon and Netflix.

Viewers were affected by his emotional interview, with some claiming that they too had burst into tears.

‘Tyler Perry mannnn you made me cry #TheView it’s so touching.’

Another commented: ‘It’s not Tyler Perry crying on The View, now I need a tissue!’

A third added: “I didn’t expect to turn on #TheView for a hot minute and turn into a puddle of tears.” Tyler Perry is that guy.

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg made a touching comment about mothers and also praised Tyler for ‘watching her’
Sara posted a sweet photo of herself hugging Tyler and thanking him for his “endless work.”

Sara later posted a photo of herself hugging Tyler on Instagram and wrote, “In the light we all see, but more importantly, feel: Tyler Perry.” Thank you for (once again) reminding us of the power of resilience, forgiveness, grace and love.

‘Your work has no limits, but your humanity reaches to the core of life’s journey. Thank you.’

‘What a moment. I’m still crying a little,’ one fan commented. ‘That moment from today’s show! He made me gasp and shed tears.”

Another told her: ‘I’ve watched THE VIEW every day since day one, but I’ve never been more moved than today! Sarah, you are such a gift.



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