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Updated 2024 NFL Draft order: How picks 1-32 stand after Week 11

Updated 2024 NFL Draft order: How picks 1-32 stand after Week 11

On the same weekend that potential No. 1 pick Caleb Williams likely played his last game at USC, the Chicago Bears, by virtue of a 23-point loss to the Panthers, came closer to clinching the first selection in the 2024 NFL Draft.

One reminder as the draft order begins to take shape is that two other first-round picks have already changed hands in addition to the Bears-Panthers deal that was finalized last March: the Texans own Cleveland’s pick via trade of Deshaun Watson, and the Cardinals have Houston’s original Round 1 pick as part of a 2023 draft trade. (Houston moved up to select Will Anderson Jr.)

The order of teams 19-32 will be decided according to the results of the playoffs; The teams in those positions here are ordered by their current playoff standings. Strength of schedule is the first tiebreaker, with priority going to the team that played an easier schedule.

The current Round 1 order coming out of Week 11:

Panthers remaining schedule: on TEN, on TB, on NO, ATL, GB, on JAX, TB

Remaining hours: LAR, at PIT, Bye, SF, at CHI, at PHI, SEA

Remaining hours: at NYG, LAC, at PIT, KC, at DEN, at BUF, NYJ

4. Chicago Bears (3-8)

Remaining schedule: in MIN, Bye, DET, in CLE, ARI, ATL, in GB

Remaining hours: NE, Bye, GB, en NO, en PHI, LAR, PHI

Remaining schedule: CAR, IND, at MIA, HOU, SEA, at HOU, JAX

Remaining hours: at DAL, MIA, Bye, at LAR, at NYJ, SF, DAL

Remaining hours: NO, in NYJ, TB, in CAR, IND, in CHI, in NO

Remaining hours: at DET, KC, at NYG, TB, at CAR, at MIN, CHI

Remaining schedule: in IND, CAR, in ATL, in GB, JAX, NO, in CAR

Remaining schedule: MIA, ATL, HOU, at MIA, WAS, at CLE, at NE

Remaining hours: BAL, in NE, DEN, in LV, BUF, in DEN, KC

Remaining hours: at ARI, CLE, at BAL, WAS, NO, at NYG, at SF

Remaining schedule: KC, Bye, MIN, LAC, in KC, in IND, DEN

Remaining schedule: TB, TEN, CIN, PIT, ATL, LV, HOU

Remaining hours: CLE, at HOU, at LAC, at DET, NE, LAC, at LV

Remaining schedule: PIT, at JAX, IND, MIN, at PIT, at KC, CLE

Remaining hours: at PHI, Bye, at KC, DAL, at LAC, NE, at MIA

Remaining schedule: CHI, Bye, on LV, on CIN, DET, GB, on DET

Remaining hours: in CIN, ARI, NE, in IND, CIN, in SEA, in BAL

21. Arizona Cardinals (from HOU, 6-4)

Remaining Texans schedule: JAX, DEN, at NYJ, at TEN, CLE, TEN, at IND

Remaining schedule: SF, in DAL, in SF, PHI, in TEN, PIT, in ARI

Remaining schedule: WAS, SEA, PHI, in BUF, in MIA, DET, in WAS

Remaining Browns schedule: at DEN, at LAR, JAX, CHI, at HOU, NYJ, at CIN

Remaining hours: in ATL, DET, CAR, NYG, in LAR, in TB, ATL

Remaining schedule: in NYJ, in WAS, TEN, NYJ, DAL, in BAL, BUF

Remaining schedule: in SEA, in PHI, SEA, in ARI, BAL, in WAS, LAR

Remaining hours: in HOU, CIN, in CLE, BAL, in TB, CAR, in TEN

Remaining schedule: on LV, on GB, BUF, on NE, LV, CIN, on LAC

Remaining time: GB, in NO, in CHI, DEN, in MIN, in DAL, MIN

Remaining hours: at LAC, Bye, LAR, at JAX, at SF, MIA, PIT

Remaining schedule: BUF, SF, at DAL, at SEA, NYG, ARI, at NYG



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