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Video: PS Portal Unboxing gives us our first look at Sony’s PS5 handheld

Video: PS Portal Unboxing gives us our first look at Sony’s PS5 handheld

PS Portal

The PlayStation Portal is almost here, something like marking the return to the portable gaming market for Sony. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a unit ahead of its November 15 release date to take our PlayStation 5 experience with us everywhere. Before you power up this new device for the first time, however, we’re here to walk you through the unboxing experience and our initial impressions of that design.

Sony has kept things relatively simple here, with an inner cardboard box that slides out of its printed sleeve, and inside it is its Portal with a wrap around it, along with some instructions and a dual USB-C charging cable. extreme.

The first thing that will catch your attention about the Portal is its size. Featuring an 8-inch LCD screen, the Portal has DualSense grips on both sides, completely maintaining the shape and feel of the PS5 controller. Put this next to other portable devices, it really shows how big it is; It’s even similar in size to the Steam Deck. You can see a video comparison in our unboxing on the Push Square YouTube channel.

Minus the touchpad, here you can find all the buttons and functions you’d find with a regular DualSense with the mute and home button remapped to the top left and right of the screen. At the top of the screen are the speakers and, just behind them, the power, pairing and volume buttons. Hidden behind the display is the USB charging slot and 3.5mm audio jack.



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