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Vivo V21 to launch in India on April 29

The Vivo V21 launch date in India is scheduled for April 29. The popular smartphone maker will launch its next-generation V series mid-range device in India later this week. 

The Vivo V21 will be launched as the successor to the Vivo V20. The company has sent us a launch invite which confirms a couple of features of the upcoming device from Vivo. For starters, the Vivo V21 will be a 5G device this time around – the first 5G device in the V series and the Vivo V21 5G will come with a 44MP selfie camera with dual soft LED flash. Not only that, but the device will also feature optical image stabilization on the front, which is a rarity. 

Vivo V21 specs

Vivo V21 5G

(Image credit: Twitter)

While the launch invite confirms a couple of new features on the Vivo V21, the landing page for the phone’s launch is already live on Flipkart which gives us more information about the device. In addition to that, full specs of the device have been leaked courtesy of the youtube video posted by King Mobile YouTube channel. The video not only reveals all the specs of the device but also spills details about the pricing and availability of the Vivo V21. The specs in the video also match the older leaked specs.

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