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Watch Travis Kelce React to Taylor Swift’s Sweet ‘Karma’ Lyric Change

Watch Travis Kelce React to Taylor Swift’s Sweet ‘Karma’ Lyric Change

Published: 4:17 am PST, November 13, 2023

Taylor Swift just took her surprise songs to a whole new level when she changed the lyrics of “Karma” to include her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

He midnight The singer was in the middle of her performance Saturday night at the Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when she pulled out an audible while singing “Karma” and yelled, “Karma is the guy from the Chiefs, and he’s coming straight home.” .

Immediately after Swift sang that line, the entire crowd went absolutely crazy. Kelce was listening closely before singing that line, and when she changed the lyrics, the Kansas City Chiefs star was beside himself. So much so that she covered her face in disbelief and excitement. And when Swift sang those lyrics, her father, Scott Kingsley Swift (wearing a Kansas City Chiefs lanyard), tapped Kelce on the shoulder as if to say, “Did you hear that?!?”

There’s a video circulating on social media capturing the moment, and the comments section on a Taylor Swift fan account is filled with fans fawning over the moment.

One fan tweeted: “This is the best romantic comedy I’ve ever seen.” Another fan added: “Scott’s laugh…he’s so happy for this girl she’s so happy she just changed the words.”

There is also a video on social media that captures the moment Swift walked off stage after the concert ended and literally ran into Kelce’s arms and planted a big kiss on his lips. Then they disappeared backstage.

Before Saturday night’s show, Swift and Kelce I enjoyed dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Buenos Aires on Friday. They were holding hands as they walked towards the restaurant. It was such a momentous event that restaurant patrons began applauding and cheering for the adorable couple.

Kelce is on his bye week but has to report to practice Monday in Kansas City. As for Swift, she will have a show on Sunday after she was forced to postpone Friday show due to inclement weather.




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