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Xbox Game Pass announces November additions, starting with Jusant available today

Xbox Game Pass announces November additions, starting with Jusant available today

Xbox has announced the first set of games that will be added to Game Pass in November, including several day one releases.

Available to play starting today are pigeon game Headbangers: Rhythm Royale and the latest from Life is Strange developer Don’t Nod, previously announced climbing game Jusant, and turn-based RPG Wartales. All three are available on cloud, console and PC.

Day one additions releasing throughout the month include Thirsty Suitors, Football Manager 2024 and Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.

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Management sim Dungeons 4 and cozy living sim Spirittea will also be available on Game Pass as they launch on day one, while Wild Hearts (EA’s hit version of Monster Hunter) and tropical farming sim Coral Island They will also join the service’s library. Coral Island’s addition to Game Pass coincides with its 1.0 release outside of Early Access.

Here’s the full timeline of what to expect in Game Pass:

Today (October 31)

  • Headbangers: Real Rhythm (cloud, console, PC)
  • Juan (cloud, console, PC)
  • war stories (cloud, console, PC)

November 2

  • Thirsty suitors (cloud, console, PC)

November 6th

  • Soccer manager 2024 (PERSONAL COMPUTER)
  • Football Manager 2024 Console (cloud, console, PC)

November 9

  • Dungeons 4 (cloud, console, PC)
  • Like a dragon Gaiden: the man who erased his name (cloud, console, PC)
  • wild hearts (cloud, console, PC)

November 13

  • Spirittea (cloud, console, PC)

November 14th

  • Coral Island (Cloud, Xbox Series X/S)

As always, the arrival of these new games means that others will be leaving Game Pass soon. Xbox has yet to specify the date on which they will leave the service:

  • Coffee Talk (cloud, console, PC)
  • Exapunks (PC)
  • Ghost Song (cloud, console, PC)
  • Gungrave GORE (cloud, console, PC)
  • Football Manager 2023 (PC)
  • Football Manager 2023 Console (Cloud, Console, PC)
  • Lapin (cloud, console, PC)
  • Townscaper (cloud, console, PC)

If you want to continue playing any of these games after they leave Game Pass, you’ll need to purchase them. On the plus side, Game Pass subscribers get a 20 percent discount. We’ll let you know when we know the last date they’ll be available on Game Pass.

For everything else about Game Pass, you can check out our handy guide detailing the many games available through Microsoft’s subscription service here.



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