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You could use FaceTime video calling on your Galaxy phone in the future

You could use FaceTime video calling on your Galaxy phone in the future

Last update: December 7, 2023 at 09:49 UTC+01:00

Earlier this week, we reported on Beeper Mini, an app that brings iMessage to all Android smartphones. After a seemingly successful launch, unlike Nothing Chats, the developers of the Beeper Mini app have revealed some ambitious plans, including adding FaceTime, RCS, and SMS to their app.

So you may soon be able to use FaceTime calls with iPhone, iPad, and Mac users from their Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Beeper Mini could provide support for FaceTime, SMS, RCS, Signal and WhatsApp audio/video calls

Beeper Mini Android iMessage

Beeper has revealed that Beeper Mini will get even more features and integrations in the near future. The company aims to bring FaceTime audio and video calling to Beeper Mini. Additionally, it will also bring SMS and RCS support to the app. RCS is gaining traction, as Apple announced it will bring RCS to iPhones next year. The company even plans to integrate Signal and WhatsApp into its app.

Beeper Mini 2024 Product Roadmap

The team behind the Beeper Mini app revealed during a Reddit AMA (via AndroidAuthority) that iMessage and RCS coexist in their app using the same phone number. However, the company did not reveal the exact time frame for the launch of these new features. So, be on the lookout if you want a do-it-all app for your instant messaging and audio and video calling needs.

More quality of life updates coming to Beeper Mini

The developers also revealed that it will bring more features, including the ability to import chat history, import/export chat backups, Android chat bubbles, a user interface optimized for foldable phones and tablets, scheduled messages, and a list of blocking. Beeper Mini will be renamed Beeper, while the existing Beeper app will be renamed Beeper Cloud, but that app may be shut down in the future.



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